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Award-winning Ghanaian Travel Blogger and Travel Consultant, Akesse Sanza, has bemoaned the fact that awards organisers do not duly recognise musicians outside Accra.

In a Facebook post, he noted that there are bigger musicians outside Accra but because the various board members of Awards schemes are in Accra, they only recognise artistes in the capital city —- leaving out those in other regions who are equally big and influential.

In his words, Akesse Sanza wrote:

“If you lived in other cities before moving to Accra, you will realise that Ghana is just Accra. When it’s okay in Accra, it’s assumed it’s okay everywhere. If Accra isn’t complaining, it’s not a national issue.

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Same applies to our music and award schemes. The Kumerica guys were very bigger in Kumasi than how the Accra guys were in Accra.

So unless you conquer your city, and conquer Accra too, they dont place you above the Accra ones.

And the board of these award schemes are made up of almost 100% Accra residents.”

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