Thrillers are not a watch for all. The building-up suspense – and constant twists that make every minute more curious for the ending. This is no less than an anxious ride for many which is why all cannot watch the thriller genre.

However, for thriller fanatics, a good TV series is a feast. But not every thriller-tagged show does justice to the category. Some are dragged storylines that try their best to keep you hooked, and some are absolute beauties with decadent plots and execution. The ones that make you think about the scenes even after the ending.

Despite there being such quality productions out there, some haven’t been fortunate enough to garner as much traction as they deserve. You might be missing out on some exceptional thriller TV series just because they might not have an ensemble cast or any other reason. But don’t worry, this is where we come in. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on some great thriller gems which is why we will narrow down some of the best yet underrated thriller TV shows you can stream.

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With this sorted, you must now know what underrated thriller TV series you are skipping out and you need to stream them now! Let’s get into this.

  • Designated Survivor (2016 – 2019)

Designated Survivor is a thriller that would pique your political intrigue as well.

The plot twists keep you hooked till the end, paired with some exceptionally intense and brilliant performances that make your stay worthwhile. The suspenseful buildups are all worthy of their time. One thing’s certain. You will be ending the TV series with questions about everything around you.

  • Beyond Evil (2021)

K-dramas keep giving us some great stories. One might think that they are only phenomenal for their romantic and love plotlines, however, their thriller genre has been no less than a gold mine. Beyond Evil is just proof of that.

This thriller TV series tingles the mind-bending psychological depths, along with the suspense that makes every minute perfect. The characters are complex, like they should be for a thriller show and the plotline serves!

Prepare for some unexpected twists and turns that surely make this TV show earn its spot in the best thriller TV series.

  • Archive 81 (2022)

Thrillers are even better when they have a touch of horror, right? Hence, Archive 81 makes it to the list.

This thriller is in the found-footage style that gives the eerie effect the entire time you watch it. You keep on guessing, while the mystery and horror blend in. The curveballs of chilling mysteries and paranormal surely make Archive 81 a must-watch thriller.

  • Dark (2017 – 2020)

Do you want to get your head spinning but in the best way possible? Well, then Dark, a German thriller series, is the watch for you. This time-travel thriller TV show stays true to its word. The plot spans across different generations and makes it a bit hard for you to keep up – but not so difficult either. It is all in the German setting. It gets cold in every meaning of the word.

You will be left craving for more with some unavoidable existential contemplation.

  • Lupin

Who wouldn’t want to watch a thriller show that has all the charm of a modern-day gentleman thief, while some successful heists are also taking place?

The complex schemes and some mind-blowing plot twists just make you think of a game of chess. A classy one. Allow us to elaborate more. The French sophistication. You are missing out on so much as a thriller fanatic if you still have not streamed Lupin. So what are you waiting for?

Concluding Remarks

These are so far the best-underrated thriller TV shows that were unable to make their way to the headlines despite staying true to their genre. The digging is still going on and we will keep you updated.

Meanwhile, if you have any more suggestions about some of the best thriller TV shows then we would love to hear from you in the comments section below.


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