Video: Nadia Buari shares hilarious moments she had this year with her lovely sister

Buari has shared the funniest things she did this year, and its wonderful to see an elderly person doing what children do as the funniest thing done in 2021.

Buari posted a video of herself and her sister dancing in the rain with their gowns, as children do when it rains, and she described it as the most she had this year.

Some adults see that as childish and judge adults who do it weirdly, but Buari appears to be one of the older people who still sees it as enjoyable and has even labeled it as the most enjoyable thing she has done this year.

Having in the rain has a different feeling, especially if you haven’t done it in a while as an adult, and that appears to be what happened to Buari, who classifies it as the most fun she’s ever had.

See the video below:


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