As a citizen who loves your country, you have to vote for the development of your country but not because you are loyal to a political party.

A political party is just an organized group of people who have the same ideology, or who otherwise have the same political positions, and who field candidates for elections, in an attempt to get them elected and thereby implement their party’s agenda for your country.

You have to vote base on the political party’s agenda for your country’s development not because you are loyal to the party.

When you are loyal to a political party, you cannot criticize the party when they are not performing well in power. You can’t put them on their toes when they are not ruling your beloved country in the right direction and that will affect the development of your country and your better living condition.

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In Africa, politicians are playing with the minds of their electorates to gain votes and capture power due to the high rates of illiteracy.

Many people vote for a particular party because they are loyal supporters and also because they cannot read and understand the agenda of the party for their country’s development. This is what is killing Africa.

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Our leaders only fight for votes and do not fight for their people after they gain power.

We the people are responsible for our country’s underdevelopment because we do not look at the policies of the political parties before giving our votes to them.

We are responsible for our own hardship.

Don’t let politicians buy your votes, vote for them based on their good policies that will help develop your country.

Don’t kill yourself for any political party when you don’t occupy any position in the party. Our Politicians will not kill themselves for you.

Think about your country first before voting.