Kent Jacobs happened to be a forty-two-year-old young man who was known to have disappeared 21 years ago since March he was declared missing at the time. It was determined that the sheriff’s office in Cumberland County declared that he was last seen in the neighbourhood colonial heights of Hope Hills. He was also known to have been spotted on Jackson Street.

The police and other search parties severely revived the search effort to find Jacobs by looking into properties and neighborhoods, which proved futile at the end of the day.

It will interest you to know that, Kent Jacobs, after all the search efforts, was known to have been declared dead on September 10, 2012, by the Cumberland County Superior Court after a lot of traces of him proved unrealistic.

Even though he was declared dead, his mother kept hope alive as she heard several times that her son would return home someday.

Where Is Kent Jacobs Now?

Kent Jacobs is presumably declared dead. However, his body has never been found even though several searches have been conducted. The last search of him was known to have been conducted in the year 2010.


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