A Tweep is asking that why did God decline killing Satan and had to sacrifice his only son Jesus Christ to die for us?

One Twitter user Kalyjay quizzed Christians on why God didn’t use his powers to kill satan and had to sacrifice Jesus instead.

His question read: “Why didn’t God kill Satan straight away but sacrificed His Son Jesus to die for us?”


See the screenshot below:

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His question which seem controversial sparked the following response and reactions:

  • “Is this even needed? If you don’t believe in God, allow us to believe.
  • Why did he even throw him on us when he actually knows we cannot face that dude ??
  • Because Satan made allegations against him before Mankind . And that he’s a better ruler of the world so God had to let us see the outcome of Satans reign over the world which is the current state of our world today and for us to see Satans accusations against him are false
  • Ah like how? Is it not the same God dat created satan? So God the all knowing never knew he will strike against him one day
  • Satan is not man. And spirits don’t die.
  • Spirit doesn’t die in the sight of God too?. But those who will take the 666, God will burn their soul and spirit completely

Kindly comment with your answer to him….

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