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Why is the NIA fighting so hard to continue Ghana card registration and risk People’s lives?.. A PLUS furiously questions Nana Addo.


The controversial musician cum political activist, Kwame Asare-Obeng popular known as A PLUS took to his social media platforms to send a letter to the President of the republic of Ghana. In this letter he registered his displeasure in how the National Identification Authority is trying so hard to resume registration and risk the lives of registrants and officers amidst this period of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

He commended the president for some of the measures he is putting in place to help prevent the spread of the virus. “I want to congratulate you for the hard work you are doing to contain the spread of the coronavirus to save precious Ghanaians lives” he wrote.

However, A plus could not fathom the reason why the National Identification Authority has decided to defy the president’s order to ban all social gatherings in a bid to protect people from contracting and spreading the coronavirus. According to him, the NIA is “Adamant”, “incorrigible” and must be called to order.

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What saddens him most is the role the attorney general is playing to aid the NIA. A PLUS alleged that, the attorney general appointed a lawyer from the president’s law firm to help get the supreme court lift the injunction placed on the Ghana card registration process during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In clarifying how serious other countries are in protecting their citizens, He made a comparison between USA and Ghana. “Your excellency, what is going on? The democratic party in the US which has the potential of electing the most powerful man on earth has suspended it’s primaries. Why can’t this Ghana card registration wait?” he added.

The Controversial political activist thought that the president misled the populace to fast and pray to create an impression of seriousness about the outbreak whilst his people do the contrary back stage.

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According to him,” as Ghanaians obeyed your directives to stay home and joined you in fasting and prayer to fight Covid-19, your attorney general had appointed a lawyer from your law firm to help them get the masses out in their numbers to register Ghana card. Why are we mocking God? With all due respect, what is going on Nana?”

Conclusively, A plus put it to the President that, the conduct of the NIA and his general silence may give credence to the rumours that he is behind the NIA. He further asked the president to speak on the matter.

What do you think of his statement?


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