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‘Yaw Tog should relax, the small fame is making him release trash songs already’ – Twitter users react to Yaw Tog’s new freestyle

Yaw Tog released a new freestyle

Yaw Tog is at the moment being subjected to public ridicule over a new freestyle he released thanking Stormzy.

The new freestyle had Yaw Tog artiste trying his best to rap in English using the UK accent.

However, Ghanaians hold the assertion that the freestyle is a big flop and that Yaw was just acting funny on the beat.

He’s at the moment trending number one on Twitter.

Read a few tweets targeting him here:

  • Yaw Tog should just concentrate on his EP promotions and shun dey do the plenty freestyles Wey Hyundai Accent too this ah
  • Yaw Tog made that freestyle as a thank you to Stormzy and not for the locals…sorry if you can’t relate..young Bull
  • Asure sey Yaw Tog chop dining hall cho finish naa he record that freestyle coz I can’t think far
  • I just listened to that Yaw Tog’s Freestyle and I can say it’s a trash but I’m okay. We even listen to Medikal”s rap.
  • We for push Reggie and O’KennethFire Jay Bahd de3 we go fit open local pono industry make e lead. Yaw Tog for take the WASSCE serious and register for NOVDEC too
  • Yaw Tog for relax ein body small cos the fame dey make um over do things…He’s good and that’s a fact but he need to be managed well
  • Yaw Tog is overrated chale what freestyle is this? Even shatta wale ein “shoutouts to mama, shoutouts to dada, tell them shatta wale is growing color” saf is okay ei Loudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceFace with tears of joy
  • Some people compare other Ghanaian Rappers to Sarkodie and it’s always funny, how many times have you see sark flopping on a beat ? Yaw Tog should apologize to us for this Nkwasia freestyle!
  • Don’t you think comparing our young artists to legends like Sarkodie, Stonebwoy or Shatta wale sometimes gets into their heads? I mean look at Yaw Tog
  • Forget Yaw Tog ein freestyle Shatta Wale is about to vibrate Ghana again..
  • It’s just one bad Freestyle. Obviously Yaw Tog still dey learn but the dragging dier Eno dey make sense. Wa ka kakra 3y3! U drag am saaa since yesterday adɛn. Hoh

Watch the video below:


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