Twitter has gradually been established as a violent zone where everyone use all kind of disrespectful words being it to an elderly person, public figure or even the President of the land.

is of the view that all those kind of uncalled attitudes are just mere fooling on the side of the app users and advised them to use that energy work hard towards becoming comedians blending it with wisdom.

“Please if you want to fool, it’s better to fool with a bit of wisdom, You can actually make a career out of it 💯🗝 Word to twitter agenda boys 😹” he wrote

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Even though His comment is meant to be a savage reply to his critics, it actually makes lots of sense because comedy has become a very good career to pursue this days and all it takes is for one to spice some jokes to make it more amusing.

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You can make a career out of your fooling by adding Wisdom - Kofi Jamar tells Twitter warriors

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