World-renowned motivational preacher, says our destiny is connected to helping the very people God has put in our lives.

According to him, blessing and healing others with our little resource is very key and forms the major part of our destiny.

who has been making a very good use of his social media handles to preach to the world tweeted:


“Your destiny is connected to helping the people God has put in your life. Who can you bless, who can you help heal?.”

A few devoted Christians shared their views on the sermon as captured below:

‘When u feel connected to everything, u also feel responsible for everything & can’t turn away. Your destiny is bound with destinies of others. You must either learn to carry the Universe or be crushed by it. There’s no exercise better for heart than reaching down & lifting others.’

‘The Water Pipe is Wet because of it Supply to the House. As long as there is a Supply, the Pipes thirst will be Quenched. We were not Blessed just for ourselves, we were Blessed for others!Nerd face.’

‘I am grateful to Our GOD that I am on the helping end, not to the recipient of help.end.’

‘Amen.. Thank You God.. We Are Blessed To Be A Blessing.. Praise The Lord..’

See The Tweet Below:

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