Ajax goalkeeper Andre Onana sends imprisoned Ghanaian goalie signed jersey and gloves after seeing a video of him play in the Nsawam Prison

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Arhin Aboagye an inmate at the Nsawam Prison has had Ajax and Cameroonian goalkeeper Andre Onana send him jersey and gloves.

The background of this story is that sports journalist Juliet Bawuah shared a video of an interview with this imprisoned goalie on a show dubbed ‘Football Behind Bars’.

Arhin Aboagye

During this interview, Arhin Aboagye said his role model is Andre Onana and wishes to be like him when he eventually leaves the prison after serving his term.

Also, a football league was organized in the prison yard which saw Arhin Aboagye display his prowess at safeguarding the goal post irrespective of his predicament.

The video, which was shared on social media eventually got to Andre Onana of Ajax Amsterdam. He was impressed with what he saw and marveled at how Arhin Aboagye could be so good regardless of his present circumstances.

Therefore he promised to send Arhin Aboagye a signed jersey and gloves to help him in his quest to play football. And true to his words, the Ajax number one shot-stopper has been true to his words.

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