is advising boys who’s mentality are based on churches not to consider only a prayerful women when it comes to relationship but also a woman they are attracted to.

One of the problems Today’s type of christianity has brought is being selective when choosing a partner in terms of marriage, some churches even go to the length of restricting their members not to marry anyone not found in the same church, forcing many to have partners they are not attracted to. Isn’t that ridiculous?

According to Reno, God expects a man’s wife to physically excite him but the idea of marrying a woman solely because of her ability to pray is the cause of satan.

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He made it clear that, Satan’s purpose is to see man commit adultery.

Proving his claim with a a Bible verse, he wrote “Dear church boy, An ideal wife should be able to pray, and slay. Read Proverbs 5:19. God expects your wife to physically excite you. It is satan who wants you to marry a prayer queen you are not attracted to, so he can tempt you to commit adultery”

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