Singer, breaks silence on a guy who went hard on her yesterday for tweeting about vals day.

Yemi was accused of not joining fellow celebrities to throw their support behind peaceful protesters who are facing police harassment in her country, while choosing to tweet about Valentines day instead.

The accuser harshly labeled her senseless in a reply to her Vals day tweet and the singer has given back a share of the insult.

Responding to the insult directed to her, she told the user to be compassionate with his passion but not use it to make hostile weeks. She further advised him to visit the nearest psychiatric hospital if he can’t contain the heat anymore.

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“Again, you don’t make hostile tweets, be compassionate with your passion! If the heat is too much for you, see a psychiatrist. Yemi Alade replied.

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Angry Yemi Alade finally replies guy who called her out for not supporting protesters.

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