Slay queen in trouble

Slay Queen’s brand new Benz GLK burnt down to ashes days after she bought it.

A very hot video that must be watched shows a slay queen in pain after her expensive Benz GLK car burnt down to ashes just a few days after purchasing it.

The video showed her celebrating her new purchase but later weeping as the car got blazed  down by the roadside.

It is unclear what might have caused it, but many people are blaming it on the source of money.

Some said she might have got her cash to acquire the whip from a wrong side.

Read some comments gathered on the video:

  • The Car is already on fire and you are shouting Holly ghost fire – no be OGUN be that’ ??🤔😩
  • Shey nah clean hand money dey use buy am 😂😂😂😂
  • And the person behind camera was still shouting enemies work, holy ghost fire 😢😢😢 for ontop fire ??
  • Not everything is 😈 hope the guy/boy is 👌
  • No be the Uk guy wey chop person client money car be that

Watch the video below:

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