Hiphop mogul, has some words of advice to young people who want to succeed in life during his recent interview on Rocnation sports.

He advised young people to be themselves and never look down on anyone.

“I walk into every room as myself. I don’t walk into the room as anyone else. I’m not cowering, I’m not speaking soft, my voice doesn’t change – it sounds exactly the same way. I’m walking as myself and proud and I speak for us and that gives me a joy.” – He said


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According to Jay Z, you only have to be right once.

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Read Some his quotes below…

1. Turn down what feels good today. There is no success in short game. Play long game.

When u discipline yourself, it’s accepting challenge to gratification of superficial gains. It’s ability of not being blinded to real potential
Quick fixes lead to regrets not happiness.
What comes easy won’t last. What lasts won’t come easy.
Don’t give up what you want most.

2. Only person you need to compete with is you. Question that matters is: are you getting better? If you have to make something let it be improvement rather than excuses
Even on the correct road, don’t laze around or u will be run over.
Improve 1% everyday & over a year you will be beyond your expectations of self.
Learn, try, fail, relearn, retry.
Every day.

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3. If you do what everybody else does, you get what everybody else gets. Do the hard thing. There is no formula for success Difference between successful & unsuccessful is in will
Road to success & road to failure are almost the same. Call you take at each step creates difference. Most people unfortunately take easy road

Be different in choices to be different in success.

4. We can’t choose our circumstances but we do have control of thoughts we choose to have. Your circumstances don’t come to demotivate & dishearten you in failures. We can opt to learn & grow wiser to seek yet bigger successes. We can also opt to be despirited & give up.
Everything rests around the choices we pick from immense possibilities.

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5. Everyone faces distractions. How you handle them makes the difference between average and successful. The quality of attention determines the quality of your life.
So don’t give small things more time and attention than they deserve. Create a ladder of priorities in your life and act according to it.

Get motivated.

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