’s Prodigal Son, Ara-B has opened fire on former Shatta Movement Militant, Addi Self.

in a Facebook rant brags that he was never a member of the SM militants, a status he considered very low in the camp but was rather regarded as a prince to which he is still occupying even after his comeback.

The musician who boldly stated months ago how proud he is to be ’s follow back insists there’s no way Addi Self, whom he brand as ‘Shit’ would be compared to him when it comes to music.

He concluded by threatening to unleash Addi’s former friend who is the only Militants still with to deal with him lyrically.

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“Someone should tell Addi Shit that l Ara-B was never a militant. I left as a prince and was accepted back as a Prince. As for music diye l leave it for to Face him cuz it’s about time One Son show dem difference…or you say make l lash am small” Ara-B wrote

It’s not yet known what exactly led to Ara-B’s rant against his former team member but we will dig inn and bring that to you shortly.

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