Cardi B blast people saying 9-year-old boy with dwarfism lied about his age for popularity

9-year-old boy with dwarfism, Quaden, went viral after a video emerged with him crying after being bullied in school.

The whole has come to sympathize with him.

However, some are of the opinion that Quaden is after old videos saw him flaunting money on social media emerged.

In other photos, he was seen flaunting luxurious cars. are saying his viral video of him crying was all so that he can get public pity.

Well, American Rapper Cardi B has come out to blast all of those critics.\

In an Instagram video, she noted that the fact that Quaden flaunts an expensive lifestyle on social media doesn’t mean he can’t be bullied in school. Some school of thought also has it that Quaden’s age is and that he may be older than the age he’s putting out there.

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So the should know that we all big on Instagram while in reality, we’re poor. Hence the need to leave the 9-year-old boy alone to live his life.

She also asked those saying he’s older than his age to shut up and mind their business.

Watch the video below:

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