Cecilia Marfo

Cecilia Marfo is a very prominent gospel musician from Ghana. She was born on the 20th November 1978 in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

She doubles as a Prophetess of God and an Evangelist. She oversees a worship center called Osorifie Worship Centre.

Cecilia has been in the news of late for the wrong reasons as she has reportedly engaged in acts of disgrace, ridicule and shame under the guise of the Holy Spirit.

Here are 7 facts probably didn’t know about the singer.
  1. She was discovered by the veteran Esther Smith who introduced her to a producer.
  2. Her 9th studio album was her most successful yet. It had songs such as “Afunumu Ba and Mammre Mamgu” among many others. She won a lot of Awards with this album.144469270 1357910944576439 2584895895686293381 n
  3. Cecilia Marfo slapped fellow Gospel singer Brother Sammy, tore a neckless from his neck and warned him to stop involving himself in occultism during a worship conference dubbed ‘Osorie Fie’ worship conference at Mampong Nursing school.
  4. A man who identified himself as Gideon alleged that a month before she went to Mampong and accused Br Sammy of dealing in satanic powers, she slept with her driver in March of 2019. He claims to be an associate Pastor for Cecilia Marfo
  5. At Unity Group of Companies Annual Thanksgiving Service, Cecilia Marfo snatched the Microphone from fellow Musician Joyce Blessings while she was performing and asked her to go back to her divorced husband.

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