The Chinese wet markets that unleashed coronavirus on the globe have reopened and they’re still selling bats and other animals.

The market has gone back to operating in exactly the same way as they did before the coronavirus pandemic.

The Chinese wet market

The Chinese wet market

If anyone tells you where the deadly coronavirus came from, you will think that a section of them are telling you lies but many people believe that it could have originated from the Chinese wet market, a place where consumers buy the meats of wild animals including bats to eat in Wuhan.

The Wild animals market has long been recognized as a major pandemic threat.

The Chinese wet market.

After this coronavirus spread, China announced the crackdown on the market but it seems the crackdown did not last long.

According to the daily mail, across China, wet markets are reopening and selling the same animals they did before even after a global pandemic.

In a city of Guilin, dog and cats are both for sell as food. Bats, scorpions and lizards are being advertised in China.

Coronavirus is not the first virus to come from the wet markets but it looks like, even after a global crisis, China continues to operate that markets.

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