Critics of government’s COVID-19 fight doing it for ‘political survival’ – Prez Nana Addo

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 President Nana Addo believes critics of government’s fight against the COVID-19 are doing so to score some political point.

President Nana Addo during his nation’s address last night, made mention of how most people criticizing the government’s coronavirus fight are just doing so to stay relevant.

He said most politicians are doing what they can to make sure Ghanaians believe that the government isn’t tackling the COVID-19 cases well.

“I know some political actors will want you to believe that our current numbers represent a failure on the part of Government. Do not begrudge them. They need to make such comments for their political survival. On the contrary, we must be emboldened in the knowledge that the four thousand, seven hundred (4,700) persons infected, so far, with the virus, have been identified, taken out of the population, isolated and are being treated,” the President said.

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He took the opportunity to update Ghanaians on the measures put in place to defeat the coronavirus.

“Fellow Ghanaians, this virus, as we have seen the world over, is no respecter of persons, and has wreaked its havoc on every country on the planet. We can defeat it if we continue to look out for one another, and remain each other’s keeper. We are fighting a common enemy, and it is imperative that we do not allow religious, ethnic or political differences to get in the way of certain victory,” he urged.

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