Fella Makafui and her bitterest rival Sister Derby clashed again on social media.

In Ghana, the two best rivals who have been fighting over a single man is Fella Makafui and Sister Derby known in real life as Deborah Vanessa.

They have clashed numerously over Medikal who is now wedded to the one with the big backside, Fella Makafui.

Since news flew high that Medikal is seeing Fella Makafui prior to their public date, Sister Derby has been very bitter over it.

She hasn’t denied that on any platform that he climbs.

In a new clash initiated by a tweep, Sister Derby stated that she was the reason why Fella Makafui started music.

Her comment was in response to the tweep who stated that she never knew Derby was an artist until Fella Makafui came into the scene.

The fan tweeted:

“I never know Sis Derby was a singer till Fella came in the line. #carrier resurrection agency 😂.”

Then Sister Derby replied with:

“When you are too dumb to realise #SweetEx pushed traders to try and make music.”

After the brouhaha on Twitter between Derby and her critic, Fella Makafui shared a throwback picture of herself in the studio recording to prove Derby wrong.

She captioned the image with:

“Nothing westlife no go see for Empty Street😩🤣🤣 2014 i guess …back then i wasn’t even a trader.”

Their back and forth fight over a single man is just something else.

See The Screenshots Below:

Fella Makafui & Sister Derby clashes again

Source: Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh