Some few days ago, veteran Ghanaian actor Kofi Adjorlolo in a viral video complained about how he isn’t well paid by Film producers.

In an interview, He said “some of the producers in Ghana here, they should respect themselves. An old man like me they call me and come and work and then they can’t pay me. About seven producers in this country they owe me monies,”.

His comment has sparked a dichotomy of opinions. A lot of actors are using the opportunity to voice out similar sentiments.

However, fellow actor and fashionista Elikem Kumordzie thinks they’re complaining too much.

In a video, he noted that it’ll be expedient for fellow actors to go find a job and stop complaining on the internet about how they’re not been paid well by Producers.

He bragged that he’s an actor but still works as a Fashion designer. So money keeps coming from other sides so there isn’t any need for him to complain.

Watch the video below:

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