I feel like it is paining Shatta Wale that Burna Boy has gone higher & he’s not helping him back – Pope Skinny

says he feels like Shatta Wale is in pain that Burna Boy is not helping him back after he contributed immensely to his career.

Hours ago, shared a piece of news on how Burna Boy and Shatta Wale became one of the best in the music scene.

He touched on how Burna Boy Wale up and came down to Ghana just to learn certain lifestyles from him.

During the latter end of his submission, said analysing Wale’s attitude, he feels like he is in pain that Burna Boy isn’t paying him back with the good he did to him years back.

Pope said:

“I feel say epain Wale small say as Burna Boy go so like now, he for watch his back and say oh charlie Wale too be my guy o, now I dey fit go meet Justin Bieber, I dey fit go Grammys and co so, make I introduce my guy too (Shatta Wale). That be what Africans we no know do.”

Watch the video below:


Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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