Former Shatta Movement Militant said in a recent IG Live interview with Celebrities Buzz that he is Shatta Movement and no one can take that from him.

Addi Self says he is Shatta Movement and no one can actually take that from him. According to him during an Instagram Live Interview with Celebrities Buzz, although he has been kicked out from the Shatta Movement Label, no one can take his hardness from him.

He said on the streets, he is Shatta and he does movements as well most often to bag cash into his account so, he is the real definition of ‘Shatta Movement’.

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On how he felt when he got kicked from the SM camp, Addi Self who is warming up to release a new tune dubbed ‘Eddi’ stated that he can’t argue over someone’s () intellectual property – especially when he says he doesn’t want him in the camp.


His utterances follow his initial one which had him disclosing the quantum of cash he bagged while with the SM label.

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