sakawa snake

In a report by Adom FM, 2 Sakawa boys were alleged to have fought female hawkers at Kasoa toll booth after they killed a snake meant for ritual purposes.

According to the report, the Sakawa boys were said to have packed a brand new White Benz car at the toll booth and to the shock of onlookers, a very huge snake crawled out of the car.

Frightened at the sight of the dangerous reptile, some courageous men and women at the scene killed the snake.

Eye-witnesses claim two boys descended from the Benz car — angry with the killers of their snake.

The witnesses also claimed that when the snake came out of the car, it tried to vomit money before it was killed.

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According to the eyewitnesses, that particular type of snake is specially for spiritual purposes, specifically money rituals.

Watch the video below:

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