Many uses Map on their Mac for searching for places and also, travelers uses maps to search for locations.

Man around the world seek to know more about a specific location they intended to visit for the very first time.

Using maps has become so easier with it’s keyboard shortcuts.

These keyboard shortcuts will help you to navigate through the map app easily and faster.

Below are list of keyboard shortcuts for map on Mac.

These handy shortcuts can be used to switch views, rotate and drop pin on the map.

  • Show your current location: Command + L
  • Move up, down, left, or right: Up, Down, Left, Right Arrow¬†keys
  • Rotate the map: Hold Option + Right Arrow for clockwise, Left Arrow for counterclockwise
  • Return to face north (after rotating): Command + Up Arrow
  • Zoom in: Command + Plus Sign (+) or Double-click the map
  • Zoom out: Command + Hyphen (-)
  • Switch between Map and Satellite views: Command + 1, Command + 2
  • Switch between 2D and 3D: Command + 0 (zero)
  • Drop a pin: Shift + Command + D