kwame a plus and mona gucci

has called on to stop fighting him or else he’ll reveal some dirty secrets about her that she won’t like.

The TPP Boss in his message revealed certain little secrets about Mona Gucci and threatened that if she dares insult him again, he’ll say more.

A Plus also told Mona that she must know what ever happened at UTV wasn’t planned against her.


Read what he posted on Instagram below:

“Dear Mona, please, I beg you. Enough is enough!!! Let’s channel our energies into productive things. You cannot fight me.

The only reason why I’m quiet is because I still like you. Nobody planned anything. It just happened.

Stop the noise and the voicenotes on WhatsApp that your friend bi said I wanted to chop her blablabla.

That Barbra girl is not telling you the truth dear. If it’s the obroni girl called Barbara then I been chopping her since 2014. Ask her!!!

The last time I was tired so I just press press her small and gave her 500 . Herh Barbara, e be so you dey? You take my money finish go report me to Mona. Nyame betua wo ka paaa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

My lady you can’tdo anything!!! Forget it!!! On Tuesday night when you were talking to that your ex boyfriend I was on the line ooo.

When he asked you what you’ll drink and you said champagne I was on the line!! I have the recoding. All the boys were listening to you.

That was not the only time I’ve set you up to record you. In the past 7 days, I’ve recorded you 37 time.

Have you forgotten that you went to cook in a house in community 18? Come on dear!! Can’t you see that I don’t want to fight you?

Let’s stop this. I’ll call @afiaschwarzanegger to stop attacking you. You have won 🏆 the fight. It’s ok!!!

If you want to trend lets plan it well. If you are enjoying it like this too please tell me so that I don’t open keys which will defeat the agenda.

Please please please, Sister please, like I said, let’s channel our energies into better things. Forget this beef. Love 💘😻💜 you still. Enjoy the weekend. #halfmanhalfbosom😃”

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