Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli has died yesterday 17th March at the age of 61.

The entire African Continent was stunned when news broke out that The leader of the East African country known for its vast wilderness areas is dead.

Dating back to 1999, Magufuli who infamously told his Citizens to pray against the Corona virus instead of adhering to the protocols is now the 18th Leader from the continent to join his ancestors during their term as a president.

According to African Fact Zone, Morocco’s King Hassan II was the first Leader to die in power at the age of 70 when he failed to survive Pneumonia in 1999, followed by Niger’s Ibrahim B. Mainassara who was assassinated in the same year during his reign as President.

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The continent witnessed another President Assassinated when DR.Congo were dealt a blow with the death of Laurent D. Kabila in 2001, the list follows with the death of then 73 years old Muhammad H.I Egal of Somalia the following year (2002) among others.

See the full list of African leaders who died in power below.

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Late Tanzanian President becomes 18th African leader to pass away in office.

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