The key to life is learning from your past, not getting buried in it. Every mistake and poor choice we’ve made is a life lesson that can serve us well moving forward.

Don’t become a prisoner of your past. Allow your experiences to mature you, not define you.

The Past does not predict the future. What happens next entirely depends on what you do next, on what you do now.

Don’t let your past become your present or you will lose future.
Keep them separate.

Past is where you learnt a lesson. Future is where you apply it.

To soar high in sky, you need to spread wings. How’ll you do it with so much baggage crushing them.
Let go and liberate yourself.

Feelings are positive, but sometimes I do not forget to look around.

I don’t want to see beauty, tenderness or stupidity on one-way, but I can’t even know.

It can be very good to learn from the past.

I wonder if I can live in the present age with that lesson.

Life moves on!.


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