graced the cover of the August 2020 RollingStone issue, and the 25-year-old also spoke about his experiences with police brutality. In addition, he shared that Black people can be racist, too.

When sharing his experiences, he recalled an incident. “We have a physical altercation and left me in a room for about an hour, he added. “I’m in there yelling and screaming. I’m so accustomed to it, we don’t even make it no big deal.”

When asked about a lyric that implies not all police are corrupt from his song The Bigger Picture, “But I’d be lying if I said it was all of them,” he stated—“Just ’cause you work in a racist system doesn’t mean you racist,” he explains.

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“D-n near every system that got a job is a racist system. You know what I mean? CEOs be like old white people,” he expressed. continued, “ You never know, they got to be some kind of racist ’cause at some certain age, your parent, that was the way of life almost.” So I almost feel like all these corporations or what not may be racist. And black people are racist too,” he added.

He continued to expound on his statement, “To me, a racist is someone who treats a different race than theirs a different way than they would treat theirs,” he explained. “I feel like if you’re a Black person and you treat all black people one way and all white people one way, you’re racist. I’m not a racist, so I give a white person a chance to talk and actually we get into it before I can say I don’t like you or not. And I feel the same way about a black person. You ain’t gon’ be my buddy just ’cause you’re black. Just straight up.”

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