lufuno mavhunga last words
Lufuno Mavhunga last words

Lufuno Mavhunga letter – A 15-year-old girl in South Africa identified as Lufuno Mavhunga committed suicide after being called ugly and beaten live on Facebook by her classmates who bullied her tirelessly.

Rest in peace Lufuno Mavhunga, below were her last words before taking her life:

Forgive me for wronging you, whatever I did to you shouldn’t have yielded to you embarrassing me and making me a laughingstock to people.


I don’t think I will have strength to sit in class and learn as people will be mocking and laughing at me. I pray God be with you so you continue from where I left off.

I hope you make it in life and make the dreams I had come true for the sake of my mom. My soul is not resting in peace, it was sent to an early grave by those that believed they better than me. May my tears not be in vain. I hope you happy now that I am gone😢

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Lufuno Mavhunga's last words
Lufuno Mavhunga’s last words

A close friend’s tribute at Lufuno Mavhunga’s funeral

Sowetanlive reports that a close friend of Limpopo school pupil Lufuno Mavhunga, who allegedly took her own life, said on Friday the teen was broken after being bullied and beaten.

Taking to the podium at Lufuno’s memorial service at Mbilwi Secondary School in the Vhembe district in Limpopo, Mukoma Tshinakahi battled through a tribute as she explained how her friend had been battered and bruised.

“Our hearts sank when we saw the bruises on her face, despite her being innocent,” she said.

“What was her crime? Being silent? Being nice? I was fuming when she cried in my lap and I couldn’t do anything,” the teenager dressed in school uniform said, bursting into tears.

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A piercing cry could be heard coming from the audience in the school hall which Lufuno’s mother had earlier entered, propped up by two other people. Among those attending the service were education department officials, Lufuno’s classmates, teachers and her family.

“If only we had helped, maybe she would have still been here today. Even though her decision cost us a lot, she is now in a better place — free from those who did not allow her to spread her wings … Even though her decision may have not been a clever one, she is now in a better place and we shall meet in a better life,” said Tshinakahi.

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