Today 22nd June 2020 is the 99th posthumous birthday of rapper Manifest’s grandpa, Joseph Hanson Kwabena Nketia.

In commemoration of the special day, he took to his Twitter handle to wish him a happy birthday.


He wrote:

“Happy birthday Grandpa 🕊 Today would have been 99  Wrote you a song but it’s still shy of the world; working on making it worthy of you. You’re missed and loved always. #JHNketia”

One Ghanaian Twitter influencer @gyaigyamii came to comment on Manifest’s tweet that he’s a ‘Dbee’ which means ‘Dada Ba’. Dada Ba means a child from a wealthy home.


This made Manifest angry and he replies that he’s honoring the memory of his grandpa and here’s @gyaigyimii crossing the line with his rubbish.

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Below are screenshots of their interaction:

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