Mate apprentice

A mate apprentice has been asked by his boss’s to provide some items before he is shown how to become one.

The apprenticeship form which has been trending on the internet for sometime now was released by the G.P.R.T.U. Mamponse – Branch Glefe Local.

As part of his interest in learning how to become a driver’s mate, he was asked to bring the following items:

  1. 6 Bottles of Lager Beer
  2. 1 Crate of Mineral
  3. 1 Bottle of Schnapp
  4. 1 Bottle of Akpeteshie
  5. 3 packets of Matches
  6. 3 packets of Cigarette
  7. Amount Of Ghc300

Many people are shocked at the list. They are asking if the work comes with any major profits worth paying such an amount of cash for.

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See the list below:

drivers mate

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