There’s a video that has gone viral on social media that sees a Military man giving education to some people he saw outside who flouted the lockdown rules.

Per the popular norm, he’s expected to humiliate the people and use force on them to go home.

But instead, this military man took his time to explain to the passengers how important the lockdown is in our effort to combat against Coronavirus.

“…but it is better than losing your lives. Go through the hardships in the house, it is better than losing your lives. It is better than you leaving this world. Your maker up there has a purpose for you so please stay home.”, he was heard saying in the video.

“I hope you understand what I am saying. Make it very easy for everybody. We all have our families, we could have been staying with our family back home but we’re out here working for God and the country and then for you so please stay home, don’t make it difficult for us”, he concluded.

Watch the video below:

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Distinguished military man

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