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A young man has complained to relationship counselor, about how his girlfriend sold the iPhone he bought for her to pay her debt with a hair seller.

Read his full message below:

Good morning bro. Been reading story on your on page about a girl who is a debtor and all that.


My own girl too is a debtor, I think she got the spirit of been a debtor from her mother •My girl is owes people too especially hair vendors and cloth vendor.

So I bought my gf a new iPhone and sent to her , I base in ph she is in abuja. When I got to abuja to see her, she was using one kind android.

I was angry because I sacrificed my mother shop rent money for that phone. She said she has to pay some vendors that they said they will post her on social media.

I am very angry about it because all that money gone just like that am embarrassed my girl is using android. I want to buy her another iPhone but am scared she will sell or use to pay another debt again.

If she not paying her own debt she paying her mother debt… because of debt has change church 2 times now.

Am ashamed of her using the android. Men think they can sleep with girls using android anyhow easily. Don’t like that android she is using.

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