nana addo and buhari

Nigerians and Ghanaians are always fighting like cats and dogs on Twitter.

The argument always ranges from who got the best Jollof, the most beautiful girls and boys, the best songs and musicians, among others.

Well, there seems to be another area of argument for these two countries and that’s who’s more handsome when it comes to both presidents — Nana Addo and Muhammadu Buhari.

This new argument kick started hours after Bashir Ahmad who’s the Personal Assistant on New Media to Buhari announced via Twitter that Nana Addo arrived in Nigeria yesterday night.

Soon after his tweet, a couple of Naija Twitter users started their comparisons and making fun of Nana Addo.

Some said he doesn’t have swag than Buhari. Others also pointed out that even though Buhari is older, he looks fresher.

A couple of Ghanaian Twitter users also replied to their attacks saying that they can say all they wish to but Nigerians should bear in mind that Ghana is more peaceful devoid of terrorists attack.

Check out the screenshots below:


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