No Mercy In Mexico full video

TikTok has been taken over by the repulsive “No Mercy in Mexico” trend, and the accompanying video has been seen by many people. The internet is going crazy over a particularly ugly and terrible video showing the death of a man and his child.

This sad film is rather detailed in its portrayal of a terrible crime.

Others are responding to the alarming “No Mercy in Mexico” trend by posting their own films and giving them the same name.

Several of these videos show women being physically assaulted, while others show examples of the trend in action. It is highly discouraged that any of these films be shared online to their upsetting nature.

full video

The disturbing video purports to show a parent and kid being brutally murdered in Mexico.

The father was struck and attacked with knives and other sharp things by a bunch of people while the son, who is lying on the ground, weeps as he witnesses his father’s horrific death.


Alleged members of a police gang are the individuals shown hitting the father and kid in the horrifying footage. The father is obviously in excruciating pain.


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