Ogidi Brown sacks Cryme Officer

Ogidi Brown has sacked Cryme Officer from his OGB Music label for defending Fameye over him.

The career of Cryme Officer as far as Ogidi Brown’s OGB music is concerned has been brought to an end for defending Fameye.

Ogidi Brown says for Cryme Officer to blast him over his business dealings with his former artiste Fameye is so much uncalled-for.

He explained that he has made up his mind to sack Cryme Officer very quick before he considers quitting his label.

During the interview, Ogidi Brown sounded so down spirited as he explained that he has shot four videos for Cryme and promoted it without reaping a dime out of it.

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Watch what he said in the video below:

Below is what was said by Cryme Officer that merited his sacking from the OGB camp:

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