South African clergyman, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, has paid the school fees of a guy he met on the streets through Aviation School.

Taking to his Instagram handle he narrated that he met the guy on the streets and just when others weren’t seeing anything good in him, he saw a Pilot in him.

Fast forward, he paid the full tuition fees for the guy and he’s now a pilot.

“Others saw a street kid in him and concluded his future was useless. Others told him to stop being a burden to them. However, when I saw him for the first time, God showed me a pilot and told me to take him under my wings and pay his fees to be a pilot. Today that’s Anthony, soon to fly the same people who thought he was useless on these big airlines.

They may have written you off and see a useless person in you; but as a Prophet, I am seeing greatness in you. Do not loose heart, God is working a surprise showcase for all those who scorn you to see.”