comfort bliss

Comfort Bliss GH has finally spoken on details of how she lent money to Richard Agu.

According to her, she used to own a noodles joint on the University of Cape Coast campus called ‘Indomie Republic’ and the food joint was one of the hottest back then.

She said she was making hundreds of cedis as profit on a daily basis— due to this, she was able to save a lot of money.


So when she started dating Richard Agu, he told her that she should use her savings to help him through his military training.

So that after he passes out, he can also be earning something small which he can in turn help her too through University.

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Comfort said she saw the promise from Richard as a good idea and that was why she willingly used her money to sponsor him.

But after he completed, he forgot her only to go for another woman.

Listen to the audio below:

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