Richard Connolly cause of death, wife, children, obituary

B. Connolly, 28, of West Springfield, formerly of Marlborough, died on January 3, 2003, in St. Agatha, Maine, from injuries incurred in a snowmobile accident.

Connolly cause of death

We do not know or have information on what caused the death of the individual described above, but we will update this article whenever we have that information and have received permission from the deceased’s family to do so.

We are heartbroken to learn about Connolly’s demise. Richard appeared on Gruen in 2020, performing the that will forever cement his status as an Australian television icon.

Connolly wife, children

Connolly is survived by his three children, Thomas Connolly (Helen F. Newman) of Houston, Patrick Connolly (Yoshiko Ukawa Connolly) of Buffalo, and Theresa Connolly (Ron Lindsay) of Anacortes, WA, as well as six granddaughters and six great-grandchildren.

Connolly obituary

Death of Connolly, 1927-2022 – Obituary unavailable: Richard Connolly, a great Australian musician and composer who was also a well-respected former presenter for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, died suddenly on Wednesday, April 4, 2022, leaving his entire family, close relatives, and groups of friends devastated.

He was many people’s favourite son, devoted life partner, most adored father, reserved brother, and friend.




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