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Robbers in Wa return GHC51,900 to owner who invoked 8 deities


Suspected armed robbers made history in the country and returned a whooping amount of fifty one Thousand Nine Hundred Ghana cedis (GH¢51,900.00) they robbed from their victim at the weekend in the Upper West region who is reported to have invoked 8 deities to strike and kill anyone who will spend the said amount.

According to sources from the regional crime office of the Upper West regional police command, the money was returned and kept at the doorstep of the owner who had earlier been subjected to torture by the gun wielding weapons and the police were informed of the incident and later came to take snapshots of the “returned money”.

According to sources, the money belongs to a group of traders who ply their trade between Wa the Upper West regional capital and Leo, a trading town in the republic of Burkina Faso.

The source have it that due to incessant attacks by armed robbers from the Ghana side of the border especially from Tumu in the Sisala East district capital, the traders devised a new way of collecting every trader’s trading capital and gather the money in bulk to be given to one of the traders for safe keeping before embarking on their trips.

It was revealed that due to this new method adopted by the traders it was difficult to rob the traders even if accosted by the robbers on the highways since searches conducted on the traders during robberies proved futile .

For some time now, the robbers were at their wits end until they discovered the new method of the traders and so to break their “cycle of poverty” since there have been period of “famine” for the robbers.

The robbers devised a means of identifying the leader of the Wa-Leo traders.The leader run out of luck when he went round and collected various sums from the traders for the impending journey to Leo in the republic of Burkina Faso.When he got home with the collected sums amounting to GH¢51,900 the robbers descended on him and robbed of him of the money.

The Wa -Leo traders leader then swore fire and brimstone making it clear that if within three days the money was not returned something spiritually would happen to the robbers.

As if hypnotized by the spell of the Wa Leo traders leader, the money was returned in its original form and kept by the doorsteps of the traders’ Leader.

Many tongues have been wagging in the Wa municipality since the incident happened and many are wondering whether the threat issued by the leader of the traders was actually the cause of the return of the money robbed especially when the traders’ leader invoked his curses on the robbers.

The Wa police have confirmed that a case of robbery was lodged with them and the statement of the victim taken.

According to the Regional Police Public Relations Officer, ASP joy Afagbedzi the complainant later came to report that someone had deposited the amount at his doorstep which was confirmed when police visited his home.He disclosed that police are unaware of the invoked curses as their work is only limited to protecting lives and property.


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