Sacked Shatta Movement (SM) Militants can make a big blow in the Ghanaian music industry should they brand themselves well and push their craft harder.

Well, everybody predicted doom for Kelvynboy and Strongman Burner after they left their music labels owned by two greatest artists in Ghana.

A lot of folks stated that their careers would be short-lived with a few giving them hope.

Fast-forward in a few months time after their brave move, the two stars have become one of the best artists in the country whose names could be captured in the top five hit-makers in the country or even 10 if doubted.

Their strive and hard-work helped them to overcome the doom that a section of Ghanaians predicted for them.

The SM Militants who have been sacked are now facing a similar fate. With the quantum of talent that they hold and the love they’ve been able to amass from Shatta Wale, they can arguably succeed.

Natty Lee, Addi Self, Joint 77 can all join forces and go for some ‘night classes’ from Kelvynboy and Strongman to make their journey to mega-stardom an easy one.