Welcome to where the tribe a man choose to marry from becomes a problem to someone else.

An Ewe man ‘Kofi Nutekpor’ is not happy with Musicians, and who are all From the Volta Region for choosing their better halves from a different tribes.

“Then u shining Ewe guys get money noor you go and mary Akan ladies. Stonebwouy and yourself. Even Rawlings was caught in this trap” Nutekpor wrote to Edem.

His comment came as a reply to the Heyba Rapper who decided to pour out his frustration concerning the kind of discriminations and bad perceptions given to his tribesmen at different levels, being it at work, Marriage or endorsement deals.

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“You would never ever truly feel how Ewes are treated till you are in the skin of one..From insinuations ,to preconceived notions,to subliminal disdain and disregard ,at work places in social circles ,to marriage ,in closing deals,it’s crazy” Ed noted in a tweet.

It was after this tweet from that the said gentleman decided to take a go at the two musicians, subtly telling them the need to choose from their own pot when they get to the very top level.

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