The Chairman of the National Peace Council (NPC), Most Rev Prof Emmanuel Asante, has expressed disregard at calls by many concerned citizens for schools to be closed to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus.

According to him, the government should be focused on its fight and should not give in to the hues and cries from the public for these schools to be closed abruptly.

In an interview on Onua FM, an Accra-based Twi-speaking radio station, Prof Emmanuel Asante, said it is not prudent for schools to be closed now just because there are pockets on infections in their quarters.

“They [health professionals] are the ones that have the knowledge in health delivery so we must be guided by their advice,” he said.

“The mere fact that some students have tested positive has no basis to shut down all schools. We should follow the science because if we say we should shut all, it does not have basis,” he added.

He noted that the schools are way safer than the homes of these children who may have been infected and prone to spreading it if they are allowed back into their communities,


“There should not be anxiety because when [students] come home, what is the guarantee that they will be safe? We should allow them to study,” he urged.

Prof Emmanuel Asante concluded by calling on political parties to refrain from playing political football with the situation in the country.

“We should not politicize the issue. It is science issue and we should not over politicize the issue. If they [health professionals] say there is no cause for alarm. We should allow them to learn.”

The National Peace Council and its leadership have lost the confidence that Ghanaians used to repose in them to be neutral and forward-thinking. Many citizens have expressed gross dissatisfaction at the cosmetic political decoration of the council which have failed to find its voice in all the pandemic and pandemonium.

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Many have described the Prof Emmanuel Asante-led National Peace Council as a political citadel of favouritism, nepotism and bias.

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