The Inside story of why the Ghanaian US-based lady threw her husband’s clothes on the streets

us-woman throw husband outsite

Every story has two sides. You need to hear both, before trying to judge someone.

Yesterday, there was a viral video that saw a US-based Ghanaian lady throwing her husband out of their matrimonial home.

After the video dropped on social media, she was dragged in the mud— alot of people caller her a bad woman.

Reports had it that Stella Okyere as she’s known threw her husband Nana Bediako out of their house for not paying the rent for 2 months although he has been the one paying for all these while. But just because the man became jobless and the woman started supporting, she felt she was the head of the house.

Well, Stella has responded following how viral the video went. Speaking in a live video, she said she has become bad in the eyes of the world because they do not know her story and the reason for her actions.

Crying throughout the live session, she said all her proofs are on her phone.

But the reason why she doesn’t want to reveal her family secrets in the general public is because the man in question is still married to her and that he’s the father of their two children. So because of this, she doesn’t know what to do but all his close family members know her story of what she has and still suffering in the hands of her husband.

“I wonder if I should reveal our marital issues to the world but because of the kids I don’t want to harm their security”, the woman said.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, Celebrities Buzz has mopped up the alleged reasons why Stella behaved the way she did.

According to social media rumour mongers, Stella and Bediako has been married for a few years now, and they have 2 kids together.

Per what the source said, the husband Nana Bediako is unemployed, abusive and a drunk.

It is the duty of Nana Bediako to get the kids ready for school when Stella is on night shift. And this is something he finds hard to do, leaving all the burden on his wife to come home to attend to.

Imagine being the breadwinner and having an unemployed husband who isn’t supportive, don’t pay rents, rains insults on you at the least opportunity he gets.

On that fateful day, Stella came home and the kids were lying outside unattended, she questioned the man only for him to lock her outside.

After she had her way into the flat, she went into their closet and brought out his things and threw them out.



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