“They will give you injection when you laugh” Funny Face narrates his experience at the psychiatric hospital to Akrobeto.

The joyful moment Funny Face met with Akrobeto in traffic as he shares his experience at the psychiatric hospital.

It’s been almost a week ago since Ghanaian comedian Funny Face got discharged from the psychiatric hospital in Accra.

Since then, the Kasoa Vandam is mostly seen in videos dancing happily in town as a releived man.

He has posted a on his Instagram page as he was filmed with popular Ghanaian actor Akrobeto having a good time.

When I saw Akrobeto in traffic today.. it was all joy and fun.” He captioned.

Funny Face recounted some moments he witnessed when receiving treatment at the psychiatric hospital.

According to him, one can not laugh in over there as they might you of getting mad.

Watch the below:


Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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