Angry Funny Face Reign curse on the two teenagers who killed a young boy to use for Money Ritual

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Kasoa Vandamme, Funny Face has reacted to the alleged incident of two boys killing another a young boy whom they intend to use for Money Rituals. The tragic news sent shockwaves to the entire nation taking into consideration the accused boys are believed to be less than 20 years respectively, leaving everyone asking what exactly … Read more

“They will give you injection when you laugh” Funny Face narrates his experience at the psychiatric hospital to Akrobeto.

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The joyful moment Funny Face met with Akrobeto in traffic as he shares his experience at the psychiatric hospital. It’s been almost a week ago since Ghanaian comedian Funny Face got discharged from the psychiatric hospital in Accra. Since then, the Kasoa Vandam is mostly seen in videos dancing happily in town as a releived … Read more

Read Funny Face emotional message to Kwaku Manu for helping him out of depression.

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Funny Face sends emotional and touching message to his friend Kwaku Manu on his birthday. Kwaku Manu is the first name that comes in mind when thinking of how Funny Face recovered from his depressed condition. He is recognised for sending the wife and twins of Funny Face to see him at the psychiatric hospital. … Read more

Funny Face finally out of psychiatric hospital as he dances in a new video in his house.

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Funny Face now back to his normal lifestyle from the psychiatric hospital after Adebayor’s visit. Ghanaian actor and comedian Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng also known as Funny Face welcomed back in his house. He was directed to the psychiatric hospital for treatment by court’s order after he was sent to the court for unlawful … Read more