Media General & TV3 has issued a statement to Ghanaians about the wrong projections they made during their coverage of the 2020 election.

The media house in response to backlashes they received from some Ghanaians, issued a release to clear all doubts. Stating categorically that they do not intend to favor any political party.

“We have observed comments on social media and other media on TV3 and Media General’s coverage of the results in the 2020 elections., particularly on projections of seats won by political parties in the parliamentary elections.

We wish to state that all the projections we made on the number of parliamentary seats by the parties were based on on the informations we had received at a particular time.

The projections which were made were not in anyway intended to be the definitive results of the elections. It must be noted that the projections which changed from time to time as we received new Information, which were analyzed. Our election coverage was not intended to favor any political party or candidate and any contrary perception is deeply regretted. We take this opportunity to assure our audience and other stakeholders, including political parties, of our continued commitment to provide balanced and impartial reportage. They noted.

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TV3 Reacts to allegations of Wrong Election coverage - Refuse to accept blame.

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