What happen to Zion Clark?

Zion Clark was born with a rare medical known as caudal regression syndrome, a condition which left him without legs. But the determined young man, popularly known for the term ‘No excuses’- tattoed across his back- not only managed to live without legs but also grew up to be a renowned wrestler.Click to see full answer. Herein, what disease does Zion Clark have?Zion Clark was born with a condition called caudal regression syndrome that impairs the development of the lower half of your .Subsequently, question is, how much does Zion Clark weight? 40 kg Also to know, does Zion Clark have private parts? Bingley8 Well-Known Member He does have all of his organs, including genitalia, he does not have functional legs His brain and reproductive organs are fine so he can react to any type of ”stimulus” you and I can.Is Zion a true ?Zion, a Netflix documentary short chronicling the life of school wrestler Zion Clark, is a unlike any you’ve seen before. Clark was born with caudal regression syndrome, which left him without legs. But Clark channeled his difficult past into his passion for athletics, particularly wrestling.

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